What We Do


Finance Technician

The Finance Technician is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable and ensuring the correct distribution of expenses, maintaining paid invoice files and records, and performing internal financial and vocational audits as needed.

This position is Full time 40 hours a week.

Starting pay range is 14.50 depending on qualifications. Job Description

Human Resources Assistant

The Human Resources Assistant is responsible for assisting the Director of Human Resources with all aspects of EFI’s personnel file management. This position is also performs routine clerical and administrative functions.  Job Description

Residential Services

Direct Support Professional (DSP)

The primary responsibility of the Direct Support Professional (DSP) is to instruct clients in acquiring basic living skills, providing a safe living environment, and to assist clients in achieving their personal life goals. This position also support Community clients in acquiring basic living skills, provide a safe living environment and assist residents in accomplishing their personal life goals.  Job Description 

DSP Team Lead

The DSP Team Lead is actively involved in the instruction of EFI clients assisting in the acquisition of basic living skills, providing a safe living environment, and accomplishing their personal life goals. DSP Team Leads must possess creative problem solving skills, the ability to work in a changing environment, and excellent writing skills. Job Description

Residential Client Specialist

The Residential Client Specialist primary responsibilities are to incorporate the DDA Guiding Values while developing and updating client records and acting as a liaison between clients and providers. Daily responsibilities include managing and evaluating client PCSP goals, PBSP, and IISP. Additional duties include but are not limited to documenting and reviewing client's needs, facilitating meetings, writing correspondence, and contacting the CRU and/or law enforcement within required time frames when necessary. This is a full time position required to perform routine clerical and administrative functions to support the Residential Department. This position reports to the Residential Director. Job Description

Residential Supervisor

The Residential Supervisor is actively involved in supervising and instructing employees and clients. Responsibilities include scheduling, managing & evaluating employees. Additional duties include assisting in the development of client’s goals and plans and overseeing client’s health and safety, making arrangements for medical needs. It is full time Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., however on call 24/7 availability may include nights/weekends/holidays. Days and hours may vary depending on the needs of the job.

Vocational Services

Job Coach

The Job Coach’s primary responsibility is to provide employment support, on-the-job training and retention support for program participants. Provide meaningful and effective training services to persons with employment barriers. Identify, problem solve and communicate job supports to employer and job trainee.  Job Description

Employment Consultant

The primary responsibility of the Employment Consultant is to identify and develop job assessment sites, job opportunities, and provide training. This position will require at a minimum 80% of outside marketing. This position is a non-management exempt salaried position.  Job Description