Need an Employee

Looking to hire the right person for your business needs?

Exceptional Foresters Inc. has been providing employment opportunities for the business community and for individuals with disabilities in Mason and Thurston counties since 1957.

FREE services we offer:

  • No-Fee staffing solutions that work for your business
  • Custom solutions for today’s workplace needs
  • No Cost to the employer to work with Vocational Services

Here’s how it works!

Vocational Services will:

  • Get to know YOU and the needs of YOUR business.
  • Offer assessments; including individualized assessments of skills, abilities and interests needed.
  • Offer employment counseling and pre-employment preparation for the client and employer.
  • Offer continued job coaching and on-the-job training and support.  We continually assist with employment resources throughout the hiring and training process as well as throughout the client’s employment.
  • Provide individualized, long-term support for the clients and employers.
  • Benefit your business by hiring RIGHT, the FIRST time.

*Note:  Minimum age of 18 years and an individual referral through DVR or DDD.  Fees are based on individual needs. realizes that hiring disabled persons is not only a benefit to the community, but can be very good for our company as well. In fact, our focus is not on the disability, but rather on the individual's unique abilities. This has proven to be a successful approach.EFI introduced us to Spencer in August of 2013, who was interested in our open Warehouse Associate position. EFI made it easy for us by facilitating an interpreter for Spencer’s interview and subsequent job training.To help in day-to-day operations, we implemented a communication system using iTouch/iPhone texting devices. This makes it easy for Spencer’s Supervisor and co-workers (who don’t know sign language) to communicate and convey instructions efficiently. Spencer has now been a valued member of the team for over a year. We wouldn’t have found Spencer without EFI!