Exceptional Manor

“The first busload of ladies arrived from Rainier School on June 1, and for the next few days, Exceptional Manor was in a state of absolute bedlam. The move from Rainier School to Shelton was an unprecedented disruption in the lives of a majority of the women. Most had spent the better part of their lives confined to the narrow halls of larger institutions. They were terrified at being in an unknown environment for reasons they could not fully comprehend. One young woman was terribly upset because she was certain her mother on Mercer Island would not know where she was.

Compounding the confusion was a shortage of experienced staff at the manor who were familiar with mentally retarded people. Most were either completely new to the job or were people who had stayed on from the nursing home. The upheavals continued as the ladies picked their rooms and roommates, learned where the bathrooms were, and tried to adjust to the new surroundings. Since neither the staff nor the clients knew each other, there was added chaos as identities were sought out.” This is Exceptional Foresters by James H. Lindley

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