Exceptional Manor

In the early 70’s, the State was attempting to reorganize the various health care facilities, establishing new guidelines and requirements. Betty and Lester Krueger had been operating the Shelton Manor Nursing Home for the Elderly, five miles south of Shelton on Highway 101. When the nursing home was reclassified as an Intermediate Care Facility, not enough elderly clients could be found to make continued operations economically feasible. The owners were forced to put the building up for sale and in May 1972, it became part of Exceptional Foresters, Inc.

The establishment of Exceptional Manor as a home for retarded women was a logical and long planned extension of the existing men’s program. From Exceptional Foresters’ inception in 1957, it had been the intent of the corporation to include women in the program as soon as funding permitted. Schreiber had received assurances from the State that thirty-eight people would be sent from Rainier School and Lakeland Village, so the time seemed appropriate to bring the women into the family.” This is Exceptional Foresters by James H. Lindley

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